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Glaucoma in Falls ChurchGlaucoma is not just one eye disease, but a group of eye conditions resulting in optic nerve damage, which causes loss of vision. Abnormally high pressure inside your eye (intraocular pressure) usually, but not always, causes this damage.

Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness. Sometimes called the silent thief of sight, glaucoma can damage your vision so gradually you may not notice any loss of vision until the disease is at an advanced stage. The most common type of glaucoma, primary open-angle glaucoma, often has no noticeable signs or symptoms.

Early diagnosis and treatment can minimize or prevent optic nerve damage and limit glaucoma-related vision loss. It’s important to get your eyes examined regularly, and make sure your eye doctor measures your intraocular pressure.

Treatment Options

Laser Peripheral Iridotomoy

This is a very effective treatment to prevent angle closure glaucoma in persons at risk. A 5-minute laser procedure is performed in the office after instilling drops in the eye. After the laser drops are used for 1 week only. Usually only one session is needed, but it can be repeated if necessary.

Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty

SLT is an advanced, non-thermal laser therapy works by stimulating a natural healing response in the eye to manage intraocular pressure. Utilizing nanosecond laser technology, SLT promotes cellular regeneration without the burn and scar tissue associated with other laser procedures. SLT is a highly effective approach for first-line glaucoma treatments, adjunct therapy with drugs, and alternative therapy when drugs or surgery fail. It is also a flexible treatment option, because it can be repeated, if necessary, depending on the individual patient’s response.This laser treatment is used to manage open angle glaucoma. The 5-minute procedure is performed in the office and the effect lasts 3-5 years. It is an excellent treatment to use instead of or in addition to glaucoma drops.


Canaloplasty is a highly effective surgical technique for the treatment of open-angle glaucoma. Minimally invasive, it uses breakthrough microcatheter technology to restore the function of the eye’s natural outflow system without the need for a filtering bleb – offering an unprecedented level of efficacy and safety in the surgical treatment of glaucoma. As an added benefit, Canaloplasty can be used in conjunction with existing drug based glaucoma treatments, after laser or other types of incisional surgery and does not preclude or affect the outcome of future surgery.

ABiC™ is a new, comprehensive MIGS procedure. Performed via a self-sealing, clear corneal incision, ABiC™ conserves the clinically proven benefits of 360-degree viscodilation of Schlemm’s canal provided by traditional Canaloplasty, but with the speed and ease of implementation of an MIGS procedure. Unlike other currently available MIGS procedures, however, ABiC™ preserves tissue and does not require permanent placement of an implant in the eye. It has also been shown to be effective as both a stand-alone procedure and as a combined procedure performed in conjunction with cataract surgery.

The most defining aspect of ABiC™ is its comprehensive approach. To date, ABiC™ is the only MIGS procedure that successfully and comprehensively addresses all aspects of potential outflow resistance. Whereas other MIGS procedures treat only one aspect of aqueous outflow, ABiC™ comprehensively accesses, catheterizes, and viscodilates the trabecular meshwork, Schlemm’s canal, and importantly, the distal outflow system, beginning with the collector channels.

Another hallmark of ABiC™ is that it does not involve a permanent implant or stent. Not only does this ensure a more simplified post-operative course, along with a reduced risk of possible complications, it is also well accepted by patients.

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